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Vellaripravinte Changathi Malayalam Movie Review - Latest Malayalam Movie Starring Dileep ,Kavya,Manoj K Jayan Directed by Akku Akbar User review Comments

Vellari Pravinte Changathi Latest Malayalam Movie Review

Vellaripravinte Changathi ,directed by Akku Akbar starring Dileep ,Kavya Madhavan ,Manoj K Jayan and Indrajith released as Chrimstas festive movie of the year.The entire course of the movie has got differnt touch from the repetitious movies of today.Akku Akbar was able to present it in a innovative style ,making it a new experience for cinema lovers.

Vellaripravinte Changathi movie plot revolves around the attempt of Manikunj(Indrajith) to release the reels of an old unreleased film.He finds a temporary job in Gemini ,to clean the old prints of unreleased films.He happens to find  prints of an unreleased movie of 70's.He watch it out of curiosity.The first half of movie portrays reels of the old movie ,deep love between Ravi( Dileep ) and Sulekha (Kavya - A Muslim character ) and its consequent events.Inspired by the movie ,Indrajith attempts to give life to dust-stricken reels.The rest of movie 'Vellaripravinte Changathi' rolls with shahjahan (Dileep ) and Mary (Kavya Madhavan ) ,acting in the movie and their real life incidents.

Once again sizzling combination of Dileep and Kavya worked charmingly in Vellaripravinte Changathi.Dileep made his best performance of recent time as Shajahan.He enacted evergreen heros Prem Nazeer and Sathyan marvelously.Kavya Madhavan made her character Mary mesmerizing and memorable.Manoj K Jayan again deliverd stunning acting , establishing himself as a valuable actor.As villain Basheer,he showed his ability to handle tough characters with easiness.

Akku Akbar ,with script from debut G S Anil deserves applauds for his efforts for presenting perplexed theme in an elegant manner.Another highlights of the movie 'Vellaripravinte Changathi ' is beautiful songs ,written by Sharath Chandra Varma and tuned by Mohan Sithara.The songs are beautifully visualized and are on top of music charts.

If you are expecting slapstick comedy or unrealistic action sequence  ,This movie would be wrong choice for you.Different The movie is surely a family entertainer with a powerful story and cast.It's surely best of all Malayalam Christmas releases.Watch it and Enjoy !!

Rating : 4/5

 A good song from Vellaripravinte Changathi .                                       

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