Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Researchers devise new app signup interface to avoid Facebook information theft

A glad news for Facebook users worried of privacy concerns.A couple of Scientists have developed an interface to help Facebook users to keep their personal information secret.

Facebook privacy concerns has been burning issue lately. Signing up for an app or game, Users information could be misused. Researchers from Penn State University  have came up with a sign-up interface to tackle the problem. 

It's been found that  Facebook app developers try to profit from their games and tools by selling or sharing the data with advertisers and other companies.These information could also be leaked to identity thieves.Members who sign up for an app must agree to new terms of information disclosure that are often different from their main Facebook privacy settings,Researchers say.

The screen designed by the researchers allows members to decide what types of information they are comfortable sharing and with whom they want to share it.

Privacy settings allow members to determine how much information the member wants to display or share with their members of their network and Facebook.This data can include birthdate, hometown and current city, as well as pictures the members uploaded to their pages.Members may not consider data like hometown or birthdates vital information, since hackers can use such information to guess social security numbers.

However,Facebook hasn't responded positively ,denying that using apps is a risky process for its users.


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