Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Friend Secrets Facebook Quiz Application To Answer Question About Your Friends


Facebook applications are a fun and easy way to share your thoughts, collect fans, and boost your presence on the social network. My Friend Secret  is one of the cool Facebook application that went viral with more than 1,700,00 monthly active users.

My Friend Secret is basically a quiz application that asks the user 'yes' or 'no' questions about their Facebook friends.You have choice to skip the questions and move on.The app comes with tons of funny and interesting questions .By answering questions ,you can earn coins which can be used to unlock the answers to questions that your friends answered about you.You can earn 1 coin for each question you answer and a 4 coin bonus for every 25 questions you answer.You can also pay for coins or complete surveys for additional coins.So far ,there are no threat alerts have beeb raised against the application.

Check out the application @   to let your friends know how you feel about them and See what your friends think of you in 2012..


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