Monday, 12 December 2011

How to find out who deleted you on Facebook with ' Who Deleted Me ' App

You Want To Know Who Deleted You ?

Did you ever thought of  finding who all deleted you from friends list in Facebook ? It can be tedious task if you have lots of friends.Well , here is an online service ' Who Deleted Me' to help you.It is easily usable service that lets you keep track of friends and find out who removed you from their Facebook friends list.

There are number of application available to let you find who unfriended you in Facebook.Among them , 'Who deleted Me ' stands distinguished with more than 64,372 active users.All you need to do is to go to 'Who deleted Me' site and simply login with Facebook to track who deleted you.It will list your former friends as well as new friends.

It works by connecting service to your Facebook account and monitoring your friends list and their activities.When a lower friend count is noticed,Service will send you an email notification with details of friends who is not in your current friend list.It provides option to view former and new friends for time spans like day ,week ,month.Also it provides graphical representation of friend count over time.

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