Sunday, 4 December 2011

Shopycat , First-ever Facebook app from Walmart to help with gift ideas for your friends !!

Shopycat - First-ever app From Walmart to help you with right Gift Ideas

Corporate Gian Walmart has rolled out its first Facebook app as apps are getting viral effect on people. Shopycat is first Facebook app from Walmart, that suggests best gift that you may present to your friends by scanning friend's facebook activities.The app has been hit sensational with more than 10,000
monthly active users .

Making Gift ideas are getting techy and time-savy with the arrival of first-ever Facebook app from Walmart. About page describes App as 'Use Shopycat to discover gifts worth giving."The right gift every time " '.
The app requires access to your facebook data ,analyzes it from Facebook pages, and then estimates who a user’s top 10 friends are. You can find recommendation for gift ideas to friends based upon information available about the people through Facebook.You can even find interests of a particular friend by searching name.

To make it clear ,If one of your friend is a big fan of music artist say Akon ,Shopycat will recommend you Akon's music collection as gift idea.Thus you could find something that of interest to your friends rather than random gifts.

Walmart's technology development firm, @Walmartlabs has developed this app to make most of it from Facebook users and is yet to come out with number of other apps for retail giant.

As app's tagline says " Shopycat solves your gifting problems by discovering awesome ,personalized gifts for your family and friends " ,Give it a try to please your loved ones with right choice. !!


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