Friday, 2 December 2011

Flash Mob Mumbai – CST Official Video getting viral on Youtube

After Dhunush's 'Kolaveri Di' captured the nation's focus with its fresh change on music as well as,  now it's been Mumbai CST flash mob that has been getting viral on YouTube.

A day after India observed the third anniversary of 26/11, 200 odd Mumbaikars decided to ‘cheer up’ their city people and organized Mumbai’s first ever flash mob.The large group gathered at the famous CST at 4:50 and performed a choreographed dance number to AR Rahman’s famous number, ‘Rang De Basanti.’ The idea came from Shonan Kothari, 23, who works for a CSR consultancy in Mumbai. Shonan managed to convince enough people and the group practiced for a few weeks before performing at CST’s platform 5.

Flash mob,is a concept wherein a sizeable group of people of different age groups suddenly break out into a dance at a public place.The dance started with a young teenaged girl taking the lead, and soon others also joined in, and step in step, they jigged together.

The video has already recieved millions of hits on YouTube, and has become a hugely popular on social networking sites like Facebook as well.

The flash mob had the entire train station come to a halt, with everyone from elderly ladies to toddlers cheering on the dancers and enjoying thoroughly, and many even joining in. Even the police watched with smiles on their faces.

Here is the video.Have a look!


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