Sunday, 11 December 2011

Click Here to See How Many Times Your Profile Was Viewed – Latest Facebook Scam

Click Here to See How Many Times Your Profile Was Viewed Facebook Scam

Facebook is turned out to be paradise for Scammers.Scam messages have been regular in Facebook recently.Despite of substantial Security measures from Facebook ,Scam messages have not been dropped off.

The latest scam that has been spread in Facebook is "Click here to see how many times YOUR profile was viewed' Scam.It is undoubtedly fraudulent message pretending to offer a way of seeing who has visited your profile.It spreads with signature message : 'Click here to see how many times YOUR profile was viewed.Awesome! A new way to see your profile's full stats. I just checked how many people have viewed my profile and how much time I spent on FB this month :). Scan your profile and let me know how popular YOU are '

 It's clearly a Scam targeted to plenty of users who like to know their profile visitors.There are number of similar messages with this offering that's been spread in Facebook  like ' OMG OMG OMG... I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! and 'my top profile viewers '.It is clearly stated by Facebook that there is no such way to figure out who viewed your profile.

Clicking on the link will lead you to a fake page that offer to se who views your Facebook profile.It will ask for permission to access your profile and you could be prone to spamming your friends with similar posts.A pop-up window will pop out asking you to like and share among your friends.Following these you will be redirected to another bogus page where you will be asked to complete online surveys.Scams like this is being to used to earn commission for scammers from unscrupulous Bussiness marketers.You could even be victim for personal identity and other credentials theft and bogus charges.

Don't ever click on suspicious links and also spam your friends by Sharing or by installing fake applications that may send out such material in your name.If you've been fallen for such scams ,Make sure you remove all references from your newsfeed ,walls and profile and remove application from profile via Account / Privacy Settings / Applications.You can find tutorial here to how to remove unwanted apps from Facebook.Stay away from such Scam for your Safety !!


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