Friday, 4 November 2011

Is time up for GMT ?? GMT could soon be history

Greenwich clock with standard
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) ,currently employed time standard  could soon be history. Greenwich Mean Time will  likely be replaced by Coordinated Universal Time, which is determined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris.Leading scientists from around the world are meeting in Britain  to consider a proposal that could eventually see Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) demoted to a footnote in history. 
For more than 120 years GMT has been the international standard for timing, but it is now under threat from a new definition of time itself based not on the rotation of the Earth, but on atomic clocks.Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) may be consigned to history as increasingly complex communications technologies require a more accurate system of measuring the time.

Currently ,International clocks are set according to Greenwich Mean Time, a system that measures time against the rotation of the earth according to the movement of the sun over a meridian (north-south) line that goes through the Greenwich district of London.
The problem for the scientific community is that the earth’s rotation is not constant: it slows down by about a second every year.ITU is proposing new time standard based on atomic clocks  instead of using the GMT system and adding leap seconds so that time should be allowed to be measured without interruption.

Lets wait  and see what would be standard for world timing.



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