Friday, 4 November 2011

' My Christmas Tree 2011 ' Facebook Christmas Application

' My Christmas Tree 2011 ' Facebook Application

As another Christmas season is nearby , A new Facebook application called  'My Christmas Tree 2011 ' is getting viral among Facebook users .The application lets you have to have ,decorate your digital Christmas Tree and send it to your friends. It has been hit big with more than 620,000 monthly active users.

Now you can experience the joyous moments of decorating the Christmas tree to make it best of all  in the virtual world and share it with world on Facebook.You can decorate your with digital Christmas Tree  with your favorite background ,tree and ornaments.Application lets you to drag them around and decorate your Christmas Tree the way you want.You can even place surprise gifts under Trees of you friends .There is wide selection of gifts and you can choose wrap it in special boxes.You can choose either gifts to be open on Christmas eve or at anytime .Your tree even comes with its on Christmas music.

There’s new hoax spreading quickly among Facebook users,warning about this application.It is to mislead users and no Internet security firm confirmed threat warning about the application.The message  claims that the Christmas Tree Facebook app will either crash your computer or steal your personal data.No such threat has been verified yet.

Enjoy decorating your digital Christmas Tree and  Send gifts to your friends for them to open on Christmas day .Try out  endless combinations to create your very own Christmas Tree. !

Find application here


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