Saturday, 12 November 2011

MyCalendar -Birthdays Facebook Application

MyCalendar -Birthdays Facebook Application

You may be knowing how messy it would be if you forget to wish your near ones on their Birthdays .If you like to keep track of Birthdays of your friends and relatives on Facebook and set reminders to wish them on time,My Calendar is a cool application that serves the purpose.The application has been hit off in Facebook with more than 34,000,000 monthly active users.The application has jumped surprisingly to most used application chart.Here is description for app by Developers ' Never forget another birthday or important event again! With over 40,000,000 users on Facebook, MyCalendar is the **MOST POPULAR** way to keep track of friends' EVENTS and ~~BIRTHDAYS~~.'

The Mycalendar Birthdays application lets you add Birthdays of your friends to calendar ,by inviting your friends to post their Birthday.Though Facebook has built in support for Birthday reminders ,Application has been surprisingly hit big like nothing.For those find Facebook reminder easily unnoticeable or identifiable ,Application is quite handy for them.

One noticeable advantage is that you will receive email alerts from MyCalendar so that you won't get unnoticed B'days of your near ones.Also application let you to share you calendar with others ,which may help others to know about it too. No security alerts have been reported with app yet.Though application has not much technical advantage to offer , its worth a try for those are unsatisfied with Facebook reminders or need email notifications !!


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