Monday, 21 November 2011

Photomania - A Facebook application to edit your photos and add effects @


Did you ever think of adding some cool effects to the photos which you have uploaded on Facebook ? Or are you looking for Photo editing application for your Facebook photos ?

Instead of resorting to application like Photoshop ,Now you can create amazing photo effects with an app named 'Photomania'. The 'Photomania' is a cool Facebook app that lets you to make your photos looks beautiful, and artistic.This app helps you to edit your favorite photos with wide variety of effects.The app has been hit big with more 2,200,000 monthly active users.

With PhotoMania you will create amazing photo effects and change your photos into artistic sketches, funny cartoons, famous celebs, lovers frames, pop-art pictures, creative paintings, vintage photography and many more amusing photo effects! There are several categories available like Sketch Zone ,Painting Zone,Fun Zone, Vintage Zone ,Cool Zone, Popart Zone,Love Zone ,Artistic Zone  - each with different styles of effects. Below is the editing page of app 'Photomania'.

photomania facebook app
Just install the app ,tune your pictures with awesome effects and share among friends .This app is easy to use ,automatically design your Facebook photos in one click.

Check out the app here @ .

Here are few photos edited with Photomania app.

photomania facebook app

photomania facebook app

photomania facebook app

photomania facebook app


Juli GS said...

buycheapfacebooklikesI really like your writing. Thanks so much, finally a decent website with good information in it.

jayakumar thukkaram said...

Thanks so much

MessiahMews said...

I would rather have the application on my computer. They do have a site to download one, but the installation is defunct.

The app in Facebook is now defunct. It used to work, but not any more. This app suddenly quit working in most of the effects. When I choose, for instance, the Painting zone for a picture, the sidebar disappears and only the pic is displayed with no way to edit. And also, do they have to overwhelm us with the always annoying javascript pop ups that says "Share, you're on Fire, Picasso Couldn't Do Better, etc... There is already a bright green share button at the bottom anyway, and every other pic it is always that annoying pop up asking me to share with some silly message.

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