Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Facebook stops 600,000 hacking attempts daily

 Social networking giant Facebook revealed lately that  it prevents at least 600,000 attempts every day by hackers trying to break into user accounts, using stolen user names and passwords.

facebook security ,hack attemptsFacebook ,which has been sensational around the globe is  estimated to have 800 million users and receives over a billion login attempts every day.

The hackers have been indulged in attempt to  steal user information, spreading fraud  and malicious messages and also try to sell counterfeit goods to members' friends.

"At least 600,000 times a day, we stop a bad guy from getting access to an account even though he has guessed, phished, or stolen the login and password of an account. This is something we're very proud of," Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt  disclosed the fact in press.

In order to foreclose hack attempts ,Facebook has strengthened security features .Many of the hackers are caught by additional authentication questions, such as asking users to identify friends in pictures.Facebook recently issued a security announcement promoting its new "Trusted Friends" password restoration technique.

As a user of  Facebook ,don't leave task of ensuring security of your personal information solely to Facebook team .Don't click on suspicious messages and applications.Always make sure that your passwords are effective and secure.

Guidelines for choosing effective and secure password :

1) No Dictionary Words, Proper Nouns, or Foreign Words 
2) No Personal Information 
3) Ensure necessary degree of complexity for your password 
   using special characters and mixed letters.
4) Change the passwords on a regular basis


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