Saturday, 22 October 2011

See-Through-Wall Technology

 Ever thought of being able to peer through neighbours thick wall ? Well,its not unlikely anymore. Thanks to a new cutting edge technology developed by scientists, for making it is no longer science fiction but reality.Brilliant minds from MIT's Lincoln Lab, Gregory Charvat and John Peabody have built a system that can see through walls from some distance away and it can give instantaneous pictures of the what-is-happening on the other side.

The device design consists of  unassuming array of antenna arranged in two rows - eight receiving elements on top, 13 transmitting ones below - and some computing equipment, all mounted onto a movable cart. It can sneak upon solid walls, that's certainly true of the four- and eight-inch-thick concrete walls on which the researchers tested their system.

It can prove worth utile for applications like military operations, especially "urban combat situations", says project leader Charvat according to a Lincoln Lab statement. 

At first, their radar functions as any other: Transmitters emit waves of a certain frequency in the direction of the target. But in this case, each time the waves hit the wall, the concrete blocks more than 99 per cent of them from passing through. And that's only half the battle. Once the waves bounce off any targets, they must pass back through the wall to reach the radar's receivers - and again, 99 per cent don't make it. By the time it hits the receivers, the signal is reduced to about 0.0025 per cent of its original strength.According to Charvat, Cheap signal amplifiers can used to mitigate signal losses from the wall and major challenge before them was achieving the speed, resolution and range necessary to be useful in real time. 

The Lincoln Lab team's system may be used at a range of up to 60 feet away from the wall. And, it gives a real-time picture of movement behind the wall in the form of a video at the rate of 10.8 frames per second.

Literally ,it's been true that Technology is pacing beyond walls.And be cautious of your neighbours !


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