Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eyes on Solar System - A web app By NASA lets you explore Universe !!

   We often dreamt of fleeing around outerspace like a super hero to explore the mysterious universe.Unless you’re an astronaut, or a billionaire with enough money to pay for a ride into space, you could never realize your wishes ,see what Earth looks like from above its atmosphere or see the rings of Saturn in real life. To cherish dreams of ours, NASA has created a real-time 3D browser-based experience that lets you explore the planets and their moons, asteroids, and other objects in our solar system, as well as the spacecrafts that are exploring these objects.

Its called “Eyes on the Solar System,” a browser-based app,uses video game technology and NASA data to let you control your point of view by clicking and dragging your mouse. NASA said this is the first time the public will actually be able to see the whole solar system as well as NASA’s missions as they move together in real-time.This has been developed by NASA's jet propulsion laboratory and California institute of technology in coalition.

To get started with Eyes on the Solar System, simply download the Unity Web Player, which is a free plug-in for both Mac and PC, and then you’re good to go explore the models of the planets, comets, and asteroids. In addition to seeing missions in real-time, you can also travel back in time thanks to NASA data that dates from as far back as 1950. You can also travel to the future with projected data that goes up to 2050.

There are various views available, as well as a number of controls located on pop-up menus to really customize your experience. Tabs across the bottom let you chose your time, destination, and speed. If you have a pair of red-cyan glasses, you can even see the content in 3D.

You can take tutorials on how to use by clicking on INTRO button.Another option available 'Explore Juno ' that lets you to navigate in the spacecraft 'Juno' ,a NASA New Frontiers mission to the planet Jupiter launched on August 5,2011.

Explore cosmos from your computer.Hop on asteroids.Enjoy the entire solar system moving in real time . Bring in your fantasy to realism.
Here's it , Start your journey !  Eyes on the Solar System


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